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Tongliao Company OrganizedCultural Activities During May Day Holiday

Date:2010-05-05 02:49:48 Author:hnr_admin

During the May Day Holiday, the labour union and youth league general branch of Tongliao Wind Power Company jointly organized a wide variety of cultural and spor activities such as Green & Hope party, Friendship Cup basketball matches, Elegant Demeanour Cup pen calligraphy competition, and Security Cup safety knowledge competition, etc.
    At the Green & Hope party hosted by Liaotong company and Ke'erqin Experimental Secondary School, youths from both sides made friends and communicated about their dreams. The development history of Tongliao Wind Power Company and its enterprise culture were popularized. Thus, the reputation and social influence of Huaneng Renewables Corp. was improved to a great extent. During the basketball matches, all players showed the spirit of team work and cooperation. In the knowledge competitions on safety and wind farm maintenance operation, all competitive teams shared good understanding of relevant skills and knowledge of wind farm equipments and operation safety. Consequently, the enthusiasm of learning knowledge of wind power equipments and operation security among all staffs were activated. The establishment of learning-oriented team was strengthened. 
    The series of cultural and sport activities not only enriched the spare time life of employees of Huaneng Tongliao Wind Power Company and enhanced their physical quality, but also brought about harmonious festival atmosphere of Labour Day and Youth Day.






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