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Weifang Wind Power Organized Outward Bounding on Youth Day

Date:2010-05-07 15:57:00 Author:hnr_admin

On May 4, Weifang Wind Power Company invited famous outward bound organization to provide a series of team building activities for its young employees. During this one-day training, these youths finished a wide variety of tasks by collaboration and mutual help. By attending this training course, execution, collaboration and mutual trust of these team members were significantly increased.
    By insisting on the spirit of "surpass oneself and fly higher", all trainees finished various tasks excellently. The mutual trust among these youths overcame any fear. All these 17 young participants crossed over a 4.2-meter-high wall by cooperation in just 15 minutes.
    Through a series of team building activities, the participants realized the significance of team spirit, trust, responsibility, understanding, tolerance and dedication. They also shared what they've learned from this outward bounding. Consequently, the company's unity was enhanced. Young employees' executive capability and ability of communication were also improved to a large extent.  

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